More Comprehensive Seller Protection Now Available for Hong Kong Sellers!
New Resolution Process
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Protection 1: Payment Review for All Transactions
PayPal will review all the payments made by eBay buyers. Sellers will receive safety alerts on the "Transaction Details" page or via emails within minutes. The alerts tell sellers whether the payment is secure and whether they should deliver the items.
If the payment is considered safe, PayPal will:
  • Tell sellers that they can ship the item to the buyer.
  • Remind sellers to ship to a confirmed buyer address, use a shipping service with signature confirmation, save item tracking information and proof of delivery.
  • Show whether the transaction is eligible for the Seller Protection programme.
    If the payment is considered insecure, PayPal will:
  • Ask sellers not to ship the item until the whole payment review process is completed.
  • Further review the payment within 24 hours.
  • Contact sellers as soon as a decision is reached and suggest sellers what they should do next.
  • If sellers ship the item before PayPal decides that the payment is secure, the transaction will not be eligible for Seller Protection.
    When the payment review is completed, PayPal will give sellers the following alerts:
  • For safe payment: sellers can ship the item
  • For fraud or unauthorised payment: sellers should not ship the items to avoid unnecessary loss.