Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: Does the system accept using e-Express for combined shipment with its weight exceeding 2kg?

A1: The system rejects to proceed shipment with its weight exceeding 2kg regardless single or combined order, and a reminder will be prompted.

Q2: Can I combine or separate orders from same buyer?

A2: The system automatically groups same buyer’s orders together, which can be manually ungrouped for deliveries to different addresses.

Q3: Can I resize the shipping label?

A3: No, or you may risk of not being able to have its barcode (of tracking number) scanned properly.

Q4: Is packet required to be sealed for using e-Express? Is the postage rate different between sealing and unsealed packet?

A4: there is no packing sealing requirement for using e-Express, and there is no postage rate difference between sealed and unsealed packets.